Italy: Villa life, San Marino, Venice

So, from Rome we drove to our Villa in Umbria, to the winding hills close to Citta della Pieve and Castiglione del Lago. Beautiful place: Casale Sento!

I think pictures can do all the talking about our Villa. It was divine, we loved every moment we spend there.








We did some day trips but spending time in Villa, especially during sun sets was so special we actually didn’t want to do much else.

After the magical week we had to say goodbye to Casale Sento and continue our trip. We said bye to our friends (See you back in Finland) and drove to San Marino. What an interesting place, one of the most touristy place I’ve ever visited but still breathtakingly beautiful. One has to stay at least for one night to appreciate the beauty of this lilliput country on the tip of the mountain. If you go there only for a day trip (as many do) you are bound to be disappointed for sure. You need to see the sun set and sun rise.


And then Venice. Just few pics. Everybody has seen so many beautiful pics from Venice. So touristy but so beautiful, mystical even, still.


Door to our apartmentIMG_0830

Just wandering around another side of the island. No other tourists hereIMG_0839IMG_0861IMG_0871IMG_0945IMG_0994IMG_0995

The end!










2 thoughts on “Italy: Villa life, San Marino, Venice

    1. Italia on ihana maa. Siellä on kaunista, siistiä (ainakin keski- ja pohjois-italiassa), historiaa, hyvää ruokaa… ja hintatasokin suht edullinen.


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