Italy: Rome

This summer we travelled to Italy. We rented a house in Umbria with our friends where we spent one week together. Before our relaxing week in our villa we sweatted four days in Rome and after Umbria we drove to San Marino for one night and then to Venice for two more nights before flying back to Finland. In this blog I use only pictures I took with my iphone. Too lazy to edit the pictures in my camera. First text is about Rome.

Our home in Rome was Bella Nonna. It was just a stone throw away from the historical centre The Foro Romano. Great place to stay in Rome.


Via Dei Foraggi



Our view by sunrise


What I enjoyed the most in our trip was the early mornings (and drinking white wine with our friends in our villa). I woke up before anybody else and went out. Perfect time since it wasn’t too hot yet and no crowds. And location next to the Capitol Hill was excellent. It took five minutes to walk to this spot:


Not bad eh! Our homestreet is on the right side of the picture, just next to the trees between the buildings starts narrow road: Via Dei Foraggi. Absolultey amazing place!

Most mornings I was the only person there. How good is that!


We travelled with three kids. Kids who unfortunately couldn’t care less about the history that surrounded them. And they were constantly whining about something: too hot, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m tired, Can we have an ice-cream, are we there yet, I can’t walk any longer… Well it was hot but you’ve been living in Australia for five years for crying out loud, you should be used to the hot weather! “But there was the ocean. We can’t swim here.” And yes, the best thing for the kids in Italy was (my son told this himself) the swimming pool in our villa. All that history, beautiful landscapes, anchient buildings and it is the swimming pool that stands out, playing there with the friends. But of course, they’re kids. Pool was one of the main features why we rented Casale Sento, a necessity when travelling with kids.

One funny thing though was that our son was obsessed with the Circo Massimo. He wanted to run around it every night. And that he did. His father was also very taken by the place first time he saw it in 2000. It’s the Asterix.


We walked to Vatican City and back. Didn’t do the church or museums, not worth the queuing with the kids (that queue was long). It would have been total vaste of money and time. Well I would have wanted them to see Basilica San Marco and the view from the top. But next time. We’ll be more organized then.



Sunset up at the Capitol Hill was also beautiful. Little more crowded than around sun rise.


Museum in the Captiol hill




These sculptures are made of stone. It is incredible to think that it is possible to use stone to make something so fine.IMG_8953


We visited Foro romanun and the Palatinus. All what kids were doing was looking for a shade. Next time we go to Rome (and there will be next time) will be in spring. Last time we were in Rome 17 years ago it was beginning of March. And it was the perfect time: not too hot and not too many people at least it wasn’t in 2000.


Hot or not, it is pretty impressive place.


Someone has lost his pinkie. tickle tickle!


The coolest thing was that we were able to organize a huge surprise for our oldest kid: She was going to meet her friend from Australia. Thanks to the Facebook we knew they would be in Rome at the same time. Our daughter didn’t have a clue, I hadn’t said one word to her. Her frind knew that we were also in Italy, but her mother had said that we could not meet. And what a surprise it was. Quite touching moment when the girls realized who they saw. Last time they met in Christmas 2015.


So we had only two kids for almost two days. We didn’t do much else than walked around. Went to see the most famous sights: Fontana di Trevi and Spanish steps and Piazza Navona. Our son was showing some interest because he and his father watched Dan Brown’s Angel and Demons few days before our trip. That’s why we crossed Navona on our way back to our place.



and ate gelato. Lots of it.


Morning up at the hill.


Last night in Rome (how I love those balmy warm summer nights) we walked by the Tiber. There were market stalls and pop-up restaurants. Quiet and peaceful at the time we were there.





And Colosseum of course. Went to get our daughter from her friend. They were also continuing their trip in the next morning.


Then lets hit the road. Our car for a week and a half.


I don’t mention how much I disliked the driving (I didn’t drive, sitting in the car was enough) in Italy. Italians drive like grazy and it seems that the rules are there just to make fun of them. Walking in Rome, trying to get over the roads was something else too. Can’t understand how we survived.

I have forgot all about the coffee! I’ve been four days in Rome already and I haven’t even mentioned the coffee. Oh, I Love Italian coffee! I enjoy the cafe culture where people just walk in, stand by the bar and make the order, drink the coffee while talking to the barista and then leave. The most diffcult part for me was not to be able to pay the coffee before drinking it. It was also very hard to limit the intake and not to drink too much. I did sleep little restlessly during our stay.


Coffee was also cheap. This one was actually quite expensive, did get espresso for 80 cents.


CappuĀ  chino and pastry for 3 euros.IMG_9096

Even the rest stops by the highways and autostradas had proper, good coffee. What a delight. In Finland people drink most coffee in the world and mostly it is terrible filtered stale coffee.


But this is the end of our four days in Rome. See you in Casale Sento, Umbria!





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