When the spring Freezes

It has been interesting spring. To put it nicely. I guess it gets this cold only once or twice in a century. There has been sun, rain, snow, thunder: all in the same day even. Crazy just plain crazy. But it has offered interesting photo ops. And it is beautiful to be outside when  black birds are singing and air smells fresh!

So what I’ve been shooting:

My six year old admiring the view in chilly April night.


The spot where I always come. Less than 5 minutes from our home. It gets beautiful evening sun and the view is amazing. To the horizon it is where we often take off on our (well not ours but ours to use) boat.


Yet again amazing night, not sure if it was going to shine or rain.


Sun won the match this time.IMG_7611IMG_7604IMG_7594-1

IT can look very different. At night around 8pm.


and the same spot next morning at 9am.


And what a splendid day it was. Mist did clear away and later came back again and went again.


After the mist was all gone the sun woke up this beauty to its full bloom.


And the next day snow fell down (5cm and it was still on the ground next morning).


And a bit warmer day yet again


back to the snowfall


In May, on the 10th to be exact it is so depressing one can only laugh as does this weatherman  on the national news this morning:


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