While waiting June and our trip to Italy I write about our last summer holiday in Florida. It will be mainly pictures about the animals we saw. There were plenty of deer, pelicans, grabs, turtles, manatees and a frog. We didn’t spend time in any big city, we didn’t go to Orlando and for first time ever we had to slow down a bit because one by one our kids got sick. We needed to go and see a doctor with our son, because he needed to get antibiotics. This has never happened before and our kids are hardly ever sick. So bad luck there.

We flew to Fort Lauderdale, rented a car and spend one day shopping in Sawgrass Mills. The amount of the shops is just insane. Few hours flew by while browsing the shops. Kids went mad, they never seen anything like this before. So did mum. Shopping in Finland or even in Australia has totally different meaning compared to American shopping. But in the end we didn’t buy that much, well girls were going to spend all they travel money on one shop (Claire’s) but mommy said “slow down” 14 more days to go.


Looking for Sheldon


Then we hit the road. It was Saturday morning and we had rented a cottage in Big Pine Key, in Florida Keys. How little did we think about the traffic, it did jam soon after we entered the Keys.


But luckily we weren’t in a hurry.


We had read that in our Key, Big Pine Key one can see deer, but we weren’t expecting there was one hanging around our cottage when we arrived. Slowly slowly…


Kids were excited, slightly put.


Next morning there were bambies too, how cool is that.


Pretty strange living environment for a animal with hooves though, mangrove swamp.


Honda Bahia beach is said to be one of the best ones in Florida. It was nice place, but I must say that after years in Australia we won’t get impressed very easily. Kids enjoyed the warm water, warmer than we had in Newcastle. No waves which made snorkeling and diving shells and all sorts of sea creatures fun. Kids spend hours in the water.




After big white and black Australian pelican this one looked quite strange. But pelican all the same, one of my favorite birds.28055937331_69745a8549_k

This one was in Key West.


We drove to Key West twice. It is interesting place, very touristy, but I would have liked to stay there for one night. Places like this are in their best early in the morning, when people are still sleep or waking up. Going around with the camera on a beautiful sunny morning on empty streets… maybe some day.



Kids saw this little pug and we went to say hello.


Little swim and time for a dinner.


This little chap was slowly crossing the road when we were driving past. Had to stop.


Manatees, only glimpses of few body parts but manatees all the same!!


Quite nice way to wake up in the morning: deer waiting outside.


Many pics of this one, but its soooooo cute. Never seen real Bambi before.28134262835_0d657324e9_k (1)28052796521_d40921c14e_k

Oh boy it was hot. I’m pretty sure that the same temperature in Newcastle didn’t feel as hot. When our son got sick, I stayed at the cottage with him while the others went to the beach and snorkeling trip. I sat outside under the palm as much I could.


And took pictures of the creatures sneaking around the cottage.


This one came to say hello27514807923_ac1f8a357c_b

Only reason I went close to this spider was its funny appearance and size, only about adults thumb’s tip. I took about 20 pictures and only one came out any good. Spiny orb weaver told Google.


My daughter’s feet to show the size of this fellow. There were much bigger too, but these are quite timid creepers so didn’t catch any of those.28096613476_1edf2dc5e0_k

And the clouds. There were lots of very beautiful clouds in the sky.


We loved all those animals around us and it was hard to leave, especially our 6 year old was devastated. Time to say bye bye to the Keys. Last shot.


We drove via Miami, where we went to see a doctor. God I was happy I didn’t have to drive. Not many cars in this picture, but the driving was the craziest I’ve seen before. Saw many accidents just after they’ve happened.


After quick stop in Miami we drove to the West coast to Cape Coral close to Fort Myers. We spend other week there with our friends. One family who lives in USA and other came from Finland as did we.

House big enough for 14 people.


With a pool of course, with 8 kids it is a must.


With pretty awesome sun sets.


With lovely spot for a morning coffee.

27849413030_0f78b7b8dc_b (1)

and interesting creatures.


The cutest frog I’ve ever seen.27849428420_e1e87a725e_b

We drove to Sanibel Island twice.


Yet again beaches let us wanting more. But nice spots for exploring what one can find on the sea floor and also one manatee was spotted. 27525417734_77b37f0eda_k

This one among mangroves.28106287436_47be1ce38e_k

We got some rain, which was blessing, not to much, which was good.


We had planned to spend little time in Miami after we left Cape Coral, but now it was our six year old’s time to be sick. Eldest one had gastro few days earlier. So we drove past South Beach


And had a quick visit to Key Biscayne.28140920725_1569d12686_k

Apart from kids being sick we had nice holiday.



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    1. Yes we were! It was fantastic to be around all those animals. I think the best choice we made was not to drive up to Orlando and spend time in the amusement parks.

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