On one Friday night

So I’m a keen photographer. Meaning I take loads of photos and every now and then there are good ones among what I’ve taken. But for me the moments when taking the pictures are many times as important as are the photos. Taking photos makes me happy, I’m happy when I take photos.

After long winter we’re finally getting more light which means more photo opportunities. Yesterday night was beautiful, but after coming home from work I felt exhausted, worn out after long week.

But it really looked beautiful outside. It was last day of March, spring, although we just had some snow the night before. But the sun was out and slowly setting. There was some stupid movie on the TV that I didn’t want to watch but my girls seemed to enjoy.  So I dragged myself off the sofa, took my camera with my new macro 60 mm 2.8 lens and left the house.

It was crispy and fresh outside, I felt happy about leaving the house at the same moment I stepped out off the door. Air smelled of spring and I could hear a black bird singing. I followed the path I always take: the one that takes me to the shore. I love the sea and I need to see it frequently to get the feeling I can live in this country. It is the reason I can live in this country. I would suffocate if I had to live inland without the open sea horizon.

I stopped to take few macro pics but they didn’t turn out to be any good. Then I came to the shore and in the distance I saw a swan standing on the ice, on the edge of the open water.  I went closer. There it was, this magnificent bird in a dazzling light surrounded by calm sea and reflections and melting ice and all I had with me was the 60 mm lens and iPhone. I do get traumatized for much less. Why, oh why I didn’t take my tele lens with me?!?!??


I did crop the picture, but my tele would have done much better job. But I must say I’m pretty impressed by the quality of my new lens. I couldn’t print this out, but it will do here.

33603005932_5d0189d62e_o (1)

There were other birds too but they were too far away and too small to be photographed.


Then the swan sets off from the edge of the ice but luckily decided to slide towards the setting sun.


I love how the mist is rising over the icy part.


Iphone had to do the wide angle shooting as it quite often does for me.

FullSizeRender (3)

I turned my back to the swan to admire this view. How it could be so calm…

FullSizeRender (4)

Then I heard that the bird had decided to leave the site and I turned back cursing the missed opportunity to shoot the swan that takes off, it is a magnificent sight. But I did get some bits.


Sunset was amazing.

FullSizeRender (2)

And the moon as slim as it can be.



I didn’t want to leave this site, but I was cold and sun was going down fast. And Iphone went dead. I hate when it does that on a cold weather. It really is very unrealible gadget but I still love it.

Last light on my way home.


Last one for the day.


And all of this I’ve missed if I’ve stayed on the sofa.


4 thoughts on “On one Friday night

  1. What beautiful shots! I love the light at this time of year. And it really is something to see such a large creature as a swan take off for flight.


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